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With global mean temperatures increasing over 1°C above pre-industrial levels, the need to control environmental impacts is stronger than ever. The Ecometrica Platform allows you to set Science-Based Targets in line with best practice and current climate science.

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Align your Corporate Target Setting to current Climate Science

In 2015, datasets showed that the global mean temperature increased over 1°C above pre-industrial levels. Similarly, greenhouse gas concentrations reached a new record as the first Northern hemisphere carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations, and then global average concentrations, crossed the 400-ppm barrier.

These findings reinforce that the need for organisations to control their environmental impacts is stronger than ever. Science-Based Targets (SBTs) allow your organisation to set energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets in line with best practice and current climate science.

The Science-Based Targets Initiative, a joint effort between CDP, UN Global Compact, WWF and World Resources Institute, aims to increase corporate ambition on climate action by encouraging companies to align target setting with climate science. You can also read more about the initiative by visiting the Commit to Action campaign page on the CDP website.

Set science-based targets with the Ecometrica Platform:

Select the best methodology for your organisation, including:
Sectoral Decarbonisation Approach (SDA), The 3% Solution, Greenhouse gas emissions per unit of value added (GEVA)
Expert support from Ecometrica’s Sustainability Analysts
Linked carbon emissions and energy reduction targets
Targets for absolute or intensity based reductions
Set short and medium term targets in the context of a long term strategy out to 2050
Clear guidance on the application and communication of Science-Based Targets
Compare Science-Based Targets to ‘traditional’ target setting and consult internally before committing publically
Flexible boundary – set targets for your whole organisation, division, region or for a specific facility
Help prepare for future legislation and carbon pricing

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