Get your organisation on the path towards zero landfilled waste.
Ecometrica Sustainability

It’s no secret that we are running out of space for landfill, and so finding alternative methods of waste disposal has never been more important – especially for organisations who hold high standards of business ethics, want to become more efficient and increase security.

Waste Module

Track recycling and waste reduction with the Ecometrica Platform

The Ecometrica Platform’s Waste module initially enables you to perform a data collection and interrogation exercise to track incinerated, recycled and landfilled waste, set targets, and monitor your progress with weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

The flexibility of the module’s question groups also allows you to add your own bespoke data points and targets for specific project tracking, should you already be participating in external recycling schemes or in-house drives to change employee behaviour.

You can also:

Track specific waste streams from confidential waste and cardboard to batteries and even hazardous waste
Evaluate emissions vs. landfilled waste over time
Set emission reduction targets to include incineration and recycling
Create reports that compare your waste disposal changes over time, in line with CSR targets
Move towards smarter purchasing in conjunction with our Ethical module



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