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Scottish Earth Observation

Service (SEOS)

Bringing together disparate land-mapping information for Scotland in one place

What is SEOS?

SEOS is an initiative led by Ecometrica to advance applications of Earth Observation in Scotland; increasing the consistency, continuity, extent and usefulness of geospatial content through the provision of services that address environment and land management challenges faced by a number of Scottish public and private organisations.

SEOS works in partnership with other geospatial service providers to provide a one-stop service for monitoring land assets via the Ecometrica platform. We are well linked with the innovative ecosystem in Scotland and so provide a channel for new technologies and services as they become market ready.

Aerial photograph of a tree canopy

Tools for managing your land assets

Commercial Forestry

SEOS can provide information packs for commercial forestry sites for due diligence pre-sale, reducing the need for costly in person surveys, covering metrics such as tree height, timber volume, species and productivity.

Health and Productivity

Whether managing commercial plantations or restored woodland, up to date information on health and productivity is vital for forestry management decisions. Reducing the need for time and cost intensive site visits.

Bespoke and High Resolution Solutions

SEOS works with cutting edge technology providers to find solutions to your problems. LiDAR can provide very high resolution information where extra detail is required.

Key Phrases


The clearance or removal of forest on land that is then converted to a different land use; such as farms, ranches or urban uses


A term used to describe the variety of life found on Earth. A common measure is “species richness”, i.e. the count of species found in an area, as is “pristineness” i.e. the extent to which a natural ecosystem has been disturbed.

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A clearly legal and geographically defined area of forest that is designated for conservation or sustainable management (such as a forest reserve or national park).

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