Ecometrica’s Mapping modules are being used to create, analyse and share information between corporations, investors, governments and researchers, and are generating advanced models for future scenarios, including risks to people, land, wildlife and business interests.

The Ecometrica Platform enables our clients to:

  • Make sense of complex geospatial data
  • Assess risk to populations from natural disasters
  • Track supply chain sustainability claims and initiatives
  • Prove the availability of resources for new ventures
  • Observe and act on how business activities affect forests, water and biodiversity across the globe

Current Projects and Insights

Advanced satellite software takes guesswork out of flood risk, crop yields and forests protection

Seventy years since the first space photo, Ecometrica’s EO Labs provides near-real time information using ESA satellite data.

Ecometrica and University of Edinburgh sign multi-million pound MOU

Roll-out means Ecometrica’s satellite mapping technology could play part in £100m+ of research bids and projects.

Ecometrica, NASA & UK Space Agency Project to place GEDI on International Space Station

NASA-UK Space Agency project sees Ecometrica spearhead project to monitor forest and climate change.

Ecometrica Launches Ground-Breaking Earth Observation Technology

Cube+ brings big volumes of satellite data within reach of ordinary servers, aimed at growing £600m EO software market.

Data tracked at over


Locations worldwide

Streaming MODIS & NASA Data
Fully Hosted, Expert Support
Ultra-High Resolution to 50cm2
Data Layer Management
Real-Time Reports & Alerts



Unique Applications

Harness the power of satellite data through high-resolution images, real-time data feeds, interactive maps and collaboration tools

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