The Ecometrica Homeworker Methodology

Mar 4, 2021

Ecometrica has alway helped clients calculate homeworker emissions, however until last year homeworking was a rarity, now with the global pandemic it’s the norm. 

Ecometrica has been assisting clients to calculate the emissions associated with home working employees for over a decade. Until 2020 home working was undertaken by a minority of employees for most companies, or as an occasional occurrence for the wider workforce, however the restrictions implemented toward the end of Q1 2020 changed this significantly. As the pandemic took hold significant portions of the global workforce were told to work from home and the demand for location specific homeworker emission factors increased. Ecometrica already had developed a base model for calculating the additional energy demand associated with home working and used this in conjunction with country specific residential space conditioning data and emission factors on a country-by-country basis. Prior to 2020 Ecometrica had created home working emission factors for 16 countries (as well as the 26 US e-GRID regions) upon request. By the summer of 2020 it became apparent that we needed to scale up our model to create a global dataset that allows clients to estimate the impact of homeworking in all countries.

As a result our homeworker methodology has grown and become even more reliable than in the past. Please visit our global emission factor site here where you can download the methodology and purchase the latest global homeworker emissions.


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