Update and Guidance on Ecometrica’s Normative Biodiversity Metric Methodology

Sep 17, 2012

The Normative Biodiversity Metric (NBM) is a practical method for assessing the biodiversity performance of any land-owning entity. The NBM is designed to assess the habitat quality of all the land owned by an organisation, generating a quantified biodiversity score. This score can be used to track the ongoing land management performance of an organisation over time.

The accounting framework presented in Corporate Biodiversity Accounting (Jarrett 2012) is used to calculate biodiversity key performance indicators which can be used in the corporate reporting process.

This document follows on from Assessing Organisational Biodiversity Performance (Jarrett 2011) which provides an introduction to the methodology, and Corporate Biodiversity Accounting (Jarrett 2012) which describes the reporting of biodiversity information, and provides:

a) More information on the steps involved in carrying out NBM assessments; and

b) Information on how Ecometrica’s Our Ecosystem software can be used to carry out NBM assessment

An online case study of the methodology is available at nbm.ourecosystem.com, with some guidance on this site in this blog post.

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