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CDP Response Services and Score Optimisation

Master your CDP submissions across the different disclosure schemes using the Ecometrica Platform. Year after year, Ecometrica customers improve their CDP scores by working with us.

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CDP Response Services and Score Optimisation


Investors and large multinationals are driving the push to environmental and sustainability disclosures across all industries and geographies. CDP runs one of the largest global environmental disclosure systems covering thousands of companies, cities, states and regions.  

Submitting to CDP’s online response system (ORS) can take time and often involves finding data from multiple documents and people. Keeping on top of progress can be tricky, especially when some questions only appear depending on the answer to another.

Ecometrica is CDP’s only Gold Partner across all 3 of their programmes. 

In the 2018 and 2019 reporting period, all of our response service customers scored B or higher.

During 2019, over 60% of our customers increased their score, while no customers dropped a grade.

CDP Score Benchmarking

Submitting a CDP disclosure is often followed by a long wait to get your score. Remove the uncertainty and be confident in your submission. 

Our Score Benchmarking service shows where you are gaining points, where you are missing out on easy marks, and what score you would expect. CDP’s scoring system contains hidden marks that are dependent on the answers and options given to certain questions. Our analysts are well versed in understanding the score hierarchy and can provide options and suggestions to make sure you are not missing out on recognition you deserve.

CDP Response Service

Over the past few years, CDP has increased the scoring weight of the risks and opportunities, and governance sections of the disclosures. At first these sections can be daunting, but with our tried and tested formula you can be assured to gain points. 

Ecometrica acts as an expert third party to review your disclosure before submission, to improve completeness and review the quality of the submission.


    Ecometrica Sustainability is the award winning carbon reporting software tool, which automatically outputs to CDP’s Climate disclosure. Remove the need for offline calculations and data checking, giving you more time to work on the higher scoring sections. 

    All of the below is automatically calculated and presented in the format required by CDP:

    • Site, country, continent splits
    • Scope breakdown
    • KPI intensity calculations
    • Full Scope 3 breakdown
    • Emission Reduction Initiatives calculated


      If you are answering the Water Security disclosure, Ecometrica offers a range of tools to collect and report on your data. Ecometrica’s Supply Chain monitoring offers powerful geographic insights into your water impacts. Combined with actual water consumption data collected by Ecometrica Sustainability opens up CDP points. 

      • Identify areas/locations with high water risk/stress
      • Automatic water shed identification
      • Custom water consumption vs water stress metrics
      • Projected water availability changes 
      • Take into account various climate change pathways and their effect on precipitation


      CDPs Forests disclosure provides a framework for companies to measure and manage forest-related risks and opportunities. Whether you’re an agribusiness, involved in land use change, or just trade a lot of forest related products, Ecometrica’s Supply Chain Monitoring will be an asset to you.

      • Deforestation risk areas
      • New growth vs virgin forests
      • Strength of legislation across the globe

        CDP Data

        Collecting CDP data can be fraught with issues including ensuring data quality, keeping on top of version control, progress to date, and data consistency. 

        With Ecometrica Sustainability, your CDP data is ready to be extracted in the current year’s format. All data quality and validation checks have been done on the platform so you save time and effort and cut out spreadsheets and offline calculations.

          Benefits of using Ecometrica for CDP reporting

          Preformatted data
          Aligning your data from multiple sources to fit into the CDP online response system can be a long process. With Ecometrica, your data is automatically formatted into the CDP categories. 

          Global risk analysis
          Understand your global risks and opportunities with Ecometrica’s global solutions. Geography matters, so make sure you are using location specific data. 

          Secure storage for your data and evidence
          Remove the uncertainty about storing your evidence files and keep your audit trail. Supported by Ecometrica Sustainability’s true Audit Ready claim by PwC.

          Up-to date global emission factor database provided
          Sourcing and verifying the quality of emission factors has already been done by Ecometrica Analysts so you only need to gather your organisational data

          Gold Partner
          Ecometrica is the only gold partner across all three CDP disclosure programmes. We have a close relationship with CDP and regularly provide feedback to their programme development. 

          Expert analysts with years of CDP experience
          Our analysts have been working on CDP submissions since its inception. You can be sure to trust in their experience and advice as you disclose to CDP. 

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          As a rapidly growing business reporting to the CDP for the first time presented some challenges. With a lot of hard work in the CR team, help from around the business and invaluable assistance from Ecometrica we’re delighted that our first reporting submission to CDP has been recognised as a success.”

          Suzanne Westlake, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Corporate Affairs, Ocado

          “After two years of completing environmental reporting on our own, we decided that partnering with an expert was more efficient and would give us greater certainty over the science and the calculations. We reached out to Ecometrica because they’re one of CDP’s gold-level software partners. As a data analytics firm familiar with the complexity of the process, we asked many questions of the Ecometrica team before signing on. We’re convinced that we made the right choice.”

          Patrick McLaughlin, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Verisk Analytics